Giraffe Studios is a few groups that make games and assets. All the groups apart of Giraffe Studios are owned by the same person.

Meet The Owner

The Gaming Giraffe AKA: Not Cadeeni/Cadeeni

I’m The Gaming Giraffe I make Roblox, Fortnite, Would You Rather, sneak peaks for games I make, and more! I am also a game developer. I make Roblox, PC, and mobile games. I also have made apps. I have my own app for chating, ordering, and more! I am also know as Not Cadeeni or Cadeeni. I am kind to everyone! I have many Discord servers heres by main YouTube one: No bullying or anything like that on my YouTube or Discord. Have a great rest of your day or night!- The Gaming Giraffe


Giraffe Studios



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